British Flower Week – Day One…are you up to date?

Yesterday marked the start of British Flower Week. Now in it’s third year, this event, held by the New Covent Garden Flower Market, is ever growing in popularity, as the plite of the British Flower Industy grows in the public eye, and becomes a fashionable cause to support.

To celebrate, florists up and down the country  are holding special events, as have the New Covent Garden Flower Market themselves, in a very similar format to last year.

Five leading British independent florists have been asked to create three designs exclusively for British Flowers Week using a specific British Flower. That’s a whole lot if British going on!

First up yesterday was Zita Elze and the larkspur. ‘It’s just such a delicate, dainty, intricate flower’ she expressed, when asked why she has chosen to shine the light on this particular bloom, ‘and I absolutely love using it in my designs’.

The Zita Elze Team have created a floral embroidery dress (which Zita is famous for) named ‘Shadows’, which includes larkspur, delphiniums, cornflowers and sweet peas.

A pedestal design featuring larkspur, wildflowers and lots of different varieties of grass. Which I have to say is my favorite. I appreciate the passion and artistry have has gone into the trully stunning embroidary, but this second design looks like a wild flower meadow has been gathered into a pedestal. Very beautiful.

And finally an elegant bouquet featuring larkspur.

If you would like to learn more about Zita Elze you can pop over to her site, here.

Or if you would like to see today’s flowers as they unfold, or find events being held near you, you can do so, here.

(Images – New Covent Garden Flower Market)


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