British Flower Week – Day 5

Day 5, that last day of British Flower Week, and we are seeing blooms from a true flower legend, Jane Packer, who is championing the British Snapdragon.

Jane Packer has been doing flowers from what seems like forever. The company is known all over the world for the purity and simplicity of their arrangements. Personally, I’ve never been the greatest fan of their style, but you can see and appreciate the skill and design strength needed to create them.

For the three arrangements, the company have created an incredibly sweet, wired bridesmaids posy, which really is exquisite. What they have termed A Catherine Wheel, taking advantage of the snapdragon’s natural curving shape. And lastly a Hatbox of Flowers, a Jane Packer innovation, that helped make the company famous.

If you would like to see how today’s flowers unfold, learn more about British Flower Week (which very sadly is nearly over for another year!) or find an event happening near you, you can do so, here.


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