Feeling Fruity – Pineapple Centrepiece

You may read the words ‘Pineapple Centrepiece’ and think Bethany has finally lost it, and that quite possibly that is true, however trust me with this one.

This is the the most adorable, the cutest, the most amazingly cool and super easy centerpiece.

I have a dream of an occasion where I can have a whole load of them gracing a bright silk table runner down a tressle, with a multitude of jewel coloured tea lights scattered amoungst them, and the fire light glistening off gold cutlery. So if anybody has an event coming up..?

Firstly you’ll need to behead your little friend and core him.

Line him with either cling film or a plastic bag and pop a small bit of soaked oasis in the hole.

Then fill with flowers!

It’s that simple!

Serve  Pina Colada Cocktails to use up your hollowed out pinapple flesh and boom! You’ve got your self a party!


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