Five Happiness Highlights This Week 

The weather has completely made this week for me. the sun has been shinning and the whole world seems to be in a better mood because of it.

  1. I went up to London at the weekend  to see some friends. We sat out in the sun all day, we drank Pims, we drank, cocktails and then ate amazing food. The scotch egg changed my world! I was totally blissed out all day. 2. It’s was the small boys swimming gala this week. He did so well! He finds both swimming and being in front of people intimidating but he tried really hard and was just amazing. I was so proud of him.

  2. I got rather over excited about my pineapple centrepiece (because it’s awesome!) you can see it here. And what’s even better is that the lovely Liz Earle was kind enough to regram it. The woman has taste, what can I say!

  3. I’ve had some really exciting work opportunities come up this week. I’ll tell you all about it when I can but it’s epic!

  4. After our weekend of sitting out in the sun and drinking rather a lot, Charlie and I, feeling a little worse for ware I must admit had a dominos pizza last night. Sounds like a ridiculous happiness highlight, I know, but that grease and oil was the most wonderful, incredible, perfect thing that could have happened at that particular moment in time, ever.


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