Gardening Jobs – July

This is the time of year I tend to get lazy. It’s usually hot, or muggy, and I want to be outside, but I don’t want to be gardening. I want to be sitting with a gin in my hand, on a deck chair, with a new book…and possibly a light snack of some description.

Ironically, this is the time of year that my garden needs a lot of attention, weeds love July for exactly the same reason I do, because it’s hot. And I find that if I don’t keep on top of them, the whole garden runs away from me before I know it. I then feel guilty when I’m reading my book, which takes all the fun out of it. So, first thing every morning, right after the dog walk I do a 15 minute scan of the garden.

During this time I dead head everything I see, especially the roses. This keeps the garden looking beautiful and encourages a second bloom.

I pull out any little weeds that I see, which takes very little time if you do it every day.

I give the whole garden, including the lawn a quick drink. I don’t take hours over it, I just make sure that everything has just had a light sprinkling. Plants are very receptive to water in the morning, and it will help them cope with the heat throughout the day. If you’re a hanging basket person (which I have to say, I am not), don’t forget them! They’ll dry out very fast in the heat, and on really hot days could do with a tipple both morning and evening.

A special job that I am religious with every year, no matter how lazy I’m feeling is cutting my herbs ready for drying. You can do this any time from now through to the early autumn, but I tend to do a first pick now and stock up again later in the season. I use them in absolutely everything, so it’s 100% worth the effort of doing it twice.


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