Flower of the Month – Philadelphus

The demure white flower of the Philadelphus plant is the epitome of clean bright beauty. It is such a simple, child’s drawing of a flower, but that is what makes it so charming. Small, and full of pure joy, I absolutely love this flower.



Also known as ‘Mock Orange’ or ‘Belle Etoile’, this deliciously scented shrub blooms from late spring to early summer with white flowers that maybe slightly purple in their center. It is an extremely hardy plant that grows well in almost all situations, reaching up to about 4 meters if left to its own devices. However, it is very happy to be pruned back quite aggressively immediately after they flower to make them more manageable.



Philadelphus also works wonderfully well as a cut flower, and I can’t get enough of it at this time of the year.


A. It’s so pretty
B. It’s so pretty!
C. It’s SO pretty!

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But in all seriousness, yes it is pretty, but it also lasts really well in a vase arrangements and is great for use in flower crowns! It’s delicate looking, tough, and the shape of the stem makes it both incredibly easy to use and cut down.



‘Little White Love’ is the smaller, double flower, more refined relative of the ‘Mock Orange’ variety. It is much more compact than it’s cousin, and will grow very happily in a pot making it a wonderful addition to a smaller or urban gardens, particularly because it copes really well with air pollutants.


2 thoughts on “Flower of the Month – Philadelphus

  1. teigom says:

    D. It smells divine! I can’t resist breathing in great lungfuls of the glorious sfernt, even though it is guaranteed to trigger my hayfever!

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