My Favorite Herbal Healers

Herbs are wonderful, and yet incredibly humble plants. We know them best nowadays for the wonderful flavours or fantastic smells that they bring into our food. But they used to be used for much, much more.

Herbs have the most amazing healing powers, and although they have been greatly replaced in more recent times by modern medicine, their power still underpinns vast amounts of it. 75% of all modern drugs have their basis in herbalism.

The great bit, is you can grow many herbs in your garden, or even your window sill, and reap the natural healing benifits.

You really can plant your own medicine cabinet! 

Basil – for small cuts and lack of appetite (not something I happen to suffer from!)

Chamomile – Great for skin inflammation, and anxiety.

Lavender – for relaxing, and healing small cuts a scrapes.

Lemon balm – insomnia, bites, anxiety, and tummy upsets.

Marigold – poshly known as calendula you’ll find this is all sorts of skin products. Great for soothing the skin, digestion, acne, ulcers and even sunburn.

Parsley – bad breath, kidneys and even ummmm, flatulence.

Rosemary – helps aid concentration, boost your mood and freshen bad breath.

Thyme – for coughs, indigestion and congestion.

All hail the power of plants!

Get them growing.


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