My Favourite Ways of Using Essential Oils

I love the idea of essential oils, but bar grabibg a bottle of jasmine to help me feel uplifted, or some lavender to help me relax, giving it a quick sniff and puting it back on the shelf, I didn’t do too much else with them.


There are many ways to enjoy, and get the benefits fom your essential oils, but these are my two personal favourites that I now incorporate into my life when ever they are needed. 


Absorption through the skin, via massage, is a great way of getting the benefits of your essential oils. If you choose to use this method you should usually dilute your oil first, either using water or what’s called a carrier, something like coconut or almond oil is perfect. Add 15-20 drops to 3 table spoons of your chosen carrier and massage into the skin. You can do this all over the body, or, once you become more knowledgeable, localise your efforts to the specific area where the correct oil can focus its effects.

The exceptions to this rule are lavender, jasmine, neroli, sandalwood and rose, which you can apply directly to the skin, as I do. All oils have intense scents, but these in particular are especially amazing to my nose, and are in fact the bases of many perfumes. I love to play at being a perfumer, and it’s true that you can create some truly glorious scents by mixing them. Channel No. 5 for example, uses sandalwood, jasmin and neroli among others. Or try jasmin, rose and sandalwood, to make another famous concoction, this one known as Angle’s Tears.


I always think that inhalation sounds like a horrible word. It makes me think of having a cold, my head being stuck under a tea towel and being forced to take deep breaths of heavy, steamy air, all the while feeling like I was about to pass out any moment. But this, is nothing like that. This is lovely! When the small boy was a buba he had a little oil diffuser that we would light if he had a blocked nose or was restless, and it worked like magic. Again, it’s something I’ve now adopted. I love to light one when having a bath. I burn Ylang Ylang which has very strong relaxing properties. Or for a deep, restorative nights sleep, try using a lavender and jasmine or frankensence mix before bed. You will wake up compleatly refreshed.


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