Strawberry Gin Pitcher

My strawberries are finally ripe for the picking, which in my house means two things: jam and cocktails. Today (as its Frisay) we’re going with cocktails.

I’ve been making these refreshing jug fulls of delicious Strawberry Gin, that I’ve been drinking as the sun sets with the scent of honeysuckle wafting through the garden…although I have to say, it’s not looking all that promising today.



For a large pitcher you will need:

2 tablespoons sugar

The juice of 2 limes (I LOVE lime so tend to add a little more) 

1 pound fresh strawberries

2 cups gin 

3 cups sparkling water

Mint, if you want things looking pretty.


Start by mixing your sugar and lime juice together at the bottom of your jug.


Put your sliced strawberries in a bowl and slightly ‘smoosh’. By this high tenuously term I mean squish up a little to get the juices flowing, while still maintaining their basic shape. Then tip them into your jug.


Add both the gin and sparkling water, and stir well to combine. Then fill your pitcher with masses of ice, and you’re ready to go.


Hope you enjoy it!

Happy August!


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