The Power of Sunshine

If I had to choose a season to live in permanently, it would be winter. I love nothing better than being bundled up in layer upon layer of wooly jumpers, thick scarves, beautiful coats and cashmere gloves. I love that chill feeling on my face, freezing the end of my nose, and yet being perfectly warm inside.

However, who doesn’t love summer! My wardrobe is in no way geared towards it, meaning I usually spend any sunny day in an agony over what to wear. But after the long English winter, nothing beats that first day you can feel that gorgeous sun seeping into every pore of your being, making it feel alive again.

Sadly, due to the hundreds of terrifying headlines, and television adverts about the harmful effects that the sun can have on your skin and health, I always feel somewhat guilty for indulging myself. What nobody seems to shout about are the staggering healing benifits of sunshine.

Vitamin D, (which is actually produced by your skin in response to UVB exposure, much in the same way as plants synthesis glucose through photosynthesis) is perhaps the most important element to this. Vitamin D makes up 10% of all the Genes in our body, which is a scarily high amount. It is believed that it is for this reason that lack of Vitamin D has been linked to cancer. There are more than 200 studies confirming this view, which has lead to breast cancer even becoming known as ‘vitamins D deficiency syndrome’. It has also been shown that Vitamin D may play a major roll in the prevention of many other cancers, cardiovascular disease, eczema, arthritis, depression, and many digestive disorders.

So, how do you get these many benifits? You can of course take Vitamin D supplements, but the best way of promoting its effects is the natural way, through getting out in the sunshine. This way your body will be able to store Vitamin D away for use during the long winter months when UVB levels are much lower.

This should never be taken as an excuse to sit out in the sun cooking yourself until you resemble a well done steak, but there aren’t many things better for you than safe exposer to the sun. It really is good news for your entire body.


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