Pressed Flower Journal

Do you ever open an old book to be greeted by a beautiful, papery pressed flower?

This is a regular occurrence in my house, with gardening books in particular being full of them. My little sister and I used to press anything and everything we could when we were younger, and it is something I still love to do today. However nowadays my attempts are a little less haphazard, and slightly more concerted in a single location,  ready to be persused at will.


Starting a journal of your own could not be more easy, and now is a wonderful time to start. 


Simply tape small clippings of your favourite freshly picked herbs, flowers and foliage on to acid free eat colour paper and top with another. Shut your book and leave under something heavy (I use the big Bible I got given at school) for a minimum of two weeks. Some flowers will take longer. 

As you flick through your book you’ll be taken on a beautiful progression through the seasons, with the colours and textures of your cuttings changing. It’s the most gorgeous way to see nature at work, and appreciate its majesty from a different angle. 

Spring and Autumn are my favourite to document. 


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