Natural Fashion by Hans Silvester 

Theses simple incredible pictures were taken back in 2009, by Hans Silvester, who over three years visited the Mursi and Surma Tribes of the Omo Vally in Africa, nine times to capture them. 

The Mursi Tribe has a long tradition of body painting and decoration. It was thought that the clay was originally used as protection from sun burn, but it can now be seen as having taken on a more symbolic meaning. Colours and designs are used to show position, attract the opposite sex, for ritual purposes, and to ward off disease.
I just can’t get enough of these images. I wish I had the wondrous imagination of these young men and women, and simply cannot believe how beautiful they look.

If you love these as much as I do you can see them, and loads more in the book ‘Natural Fashion’ that Hans Silvester wrote about the Tribes. You can find it here.


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