Gardening Jobs – September

As we head into Autumn the wind picks up, the leaves begin to drop from the trees, and our days are noticeably shorter, my gardening jobs also start to diminish.  

I mean look at this empty bed with its one lone herb! If you have a vegetable garden or fruit trees this will be a little different as you will need to start your harvests! This should always be done before the first frost and when the fruit is dry.

  Apples should be picked once ripe. 

To test your apples gently lift them in the palm of your hand or give them a tiny pull and they should come away easily.As a flower lover the most important thing that I do at this time of the year is to plant my spring flowering bulbs. This means daffodils and tulips ready to lend their graceful stems to my spring bouquets.   I’m planting more parrot and double flowered varieties this year in a multitude of pale tones. They are springs peonies as far as I’m conserned, soft, delicate, blousey and fabulous. I also always have my delicate snowdrops, crocus, and bluebells, ready to lend their beauty to the bare flowerbeds. These aren’t for cutting purposes, but simply to bring hope, reasuring me that the long, cold winter is almost over.  It is very important not to delay in planting your bulbs, whatever they maybe, as they need time to settle before the frosts start. To keep them toasty warm (and away from mice!) you will want to get them into the soil at a depth of three to four times that of the bulb.

My favourites for this year are:

  • ‘La Belle Epoque’ – a tulip like no other, with vintage looking, silky pink Victorian skirts.
  • ‘Spring Green’ – Ethereal and elegant. A classic with a twist that every garden needs.
  • ‘Apricot Beauty’ – Subtle and feminin. This tulip flowers early and is perfect for shady gardens.
  • ‘Angelique’ – a perfectly pretty girl. If any tulip is springs peony, this is it. She’s the showstopper in any bunch.
  • ‘Black Hero’ – dark, dramatic and strong. This velvety gent is refined, polished, and creates a stunning contrast when paired with creams and pinks.
  • ‘Exotic Emperor’ – an early flowering double tulip, who simply bursts into live with joy. Super stylish, and long lasting.

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