DIY Allium Bauble

I love bringing nature inside. Be that a summer posy from the garden, or cut down greenery ready to be hung around the walls from Christmas.

During the autumn months, when huge amounts of your resources seem to be dying back ready for the winter this can present more of a challenge.

Alliums are my answer. This is such a simple, but seriously effective DIY. Which in my opinion, are the perfect kind.

Allium seed heads are one of natures true beauties, theatrical and graceful…I also believe them to be the inspiration for the famous IKEA light!

I think that leaving them to rot in the garden over the winter is a real waste of something that I consider so architecturally perfect, so instead I bring them in and make these gorgeous bauble.

Hang them along a beam, a shelf, a mantelpiece, or (my personal favourite) the ceiling above your dinner table. You need very few, hung at different heights to make an impact.

I like to leave them as they are, but you could also spray them gold, silver, or even glittery (!), and keep them for unique Christmas decorations.

See my ‘how to’ in this little video. Do let me know what you think, and if you like it, subscribe to the channel.


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