Sloe Ginning

Foraging should never be done in the rain, its pretty much rule number one. So what did I do last week…? I went foraging in the rain!

Well not to start with. We had had a few days of the most glorious sunny weather during which I was exceptionally lazy, so seeing the clouds start to gather I rushed out to grab handfuls of sloes to drown in gin, and rosehips to turn into the most divine fruity, syrup, that I pour lusciously over my morning porridge to give me a massive vitamin C boost.



For your sloe gin you will need:

  • 1 litre of Gin. I find that all the best recipes start that way.
  • 225g of sugar
  • About 450g of sloes, essentially double the amount of sugar, so if you don’t pick so many lower it accordingly.





Place all your sloes into a large air tight bottle, berry them in your sugar then drown the lot in your gin.



Some people like to prick their sloes all over with a pin before they use them, but its always worked fine for me without the bother.

Leave it in a dark place for about 2 months shaking it every week or so.


After picking sloes in my favourite secret spot I realised that I had made a terrible decision with my dress, so dashed home to put on some warmer gear.

It was only once we were back out and picking the rosehips that the heavens truly opened!

Just look at what it did to my hair!


We simply couldn’t stay out any longer so sprinted home for freshly baked Welsh Cakes, and copious amounts of tea to warm our cockles.



The full rose hip harvest will have to wait for another day.

(Images – Louisa Grew)


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