Apple Cider Vinegar – why it works

Apple Cider Vinegar has been known for its uses in the kitchen and medicin cabinets for years, but it’s now becoming ever more popular for use in our bath rooms cupboards too.

High in minerals and potassium it has very high antiseptic qualities and is used in nutritional circles to clear and cleanse the digestive tract. It is for this reason that it is thought to help prevent spots so well, helping to keep pores free of bacteria, excess oil and neutralising the skins pH.

If like me you suffer from oily skin it really is a wonder. The astringent  properties and alpha hydroxy acids (truly amazing naturaly occurring acids that penetrate deeply into the skin undoing the ‘glue’ that holds onto our dead skin cells) promote clarity of complexion, prevent discolouration and aid new cell,  elastin and collagen production, by increasing blood flow to the skin. It is for this reason that Apple Cider Vinagar is also truly great for those with older skin, as both elastin and collagen depleat with age.

There are two main caviates if you want to start using Apple Cider Vinigar in your skin routine.

  1. You must use a raw and unfiltered product so it maintains its original enzymes.
  2. Always dilute it! It’s in the name, this is vinagar at the end of the day, so please don’t go putting it neat on to your skin. When I buy mine I decant it into a new bottle using a 1:2 ratio with water. For the best results use the same rules as you would an exfoliater, using it once or twice a week.


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