3 Essential Oils to Start your New Year Right

We all need a little added support from time to time, and as ever I tend to turn to nature for help and healing. I find New Year rather stressful, all that pressure to suddenly change your life for the better…exercise more, drink green juice, eat more vegetables, detox my skin, renovate my wardrobe, be more mindful and calmer throughout my day, get a promotion and rule the world…!!! Its all a little over the top and the list seems endless, so in the end I start the new year feeling anything but rejuvenated and refreshed. So whats the answer? Simple. I cheat!

Essential Oils can both support your mind, and enhance your mood. And while not only being the lazy girls option (using oils does not require any dramatic life change or willpower) they will also make your home smell just sensational in the process.


If like me you tend to get frustrated and pent up with the state of the world and life from time to time then lavender is for you. Its soft herbaceous floral aroma is known well to all and is my favourite oil for pretty much every ailment. Simply getting it out of the cupboard is automatically comforting to me. Use it in your diffuser in the place that you find stressful or where arguments may arise, be that your office, home, or even car. This will bring a sense of calm to the space so that every person can be more relaxed, and at peace with both the world, you and themselves.


Depression seems to be a popular word right now, and I’m not sure if its a good thing, because its getting more attention and therefore becoming more normalised, or a bad one, because somebody truly suffering may not be confident asking for the help they need for the fear of being seen as just another person on the band wagon. Perhaps it’s a bit of both. But if you are a suffer or are feeling low then pink grapefruit can really help you. This may seem an odd oil, its not one that would usually leap to the mind of most, and it certainly isn’t an answer to your problems. However, its bright citrus and floral aroma does activate positive feelings of peace and self love within your brain, while clearing away any blockages in the lymphatic system, thereby removing lethargy, leaving you feeling more energetic. Not the ultimate answer, but it can certainly help.


We all go through periods of exhaustion, some more than most. But there is a quick fix to get you through that last lecture or keep your energy levels up so you don’t snap putting the kids to bed. Rosemary, which has a warm and spicy aroma is known for activating the memory center in the brain, while also clearing away blockages in the body. Its great if you’re working late at night or driving long distances by keeping all your senses alert and focused.

I see each of these emotions as having the potential of being highly destructive, and if we can start the new year feeling more informed, with the tools to help us control them, then I think we’ve done pretty well already…and I’ll consider the green juice.


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