3 Green Beauty Brands you Need to Know Now

To create a truly natural glow I believe you need to take more into consideration than simply how a product looks on your face. It may be truly gorgeous in the short term but what damage may you be doing to your skin, your wellness and our planet in the long run…?

I’ve been doing a lot of research lately into green beauty brands, looking at the ingredients, packaging, company values, and naturally if they work. These are my top three picks

100% PURE


True to its name the products from this brand are some of the most pure and organic to be found on the market, many are even vegan. Formulated with high performing antioxidants, naturally occurring vitamins and essential oils, they are completely free of harmful toxins, damaging chemicals, and synthetic fragrances to prevent clogged pores, skin irritations and premature ageing. We love that their green ethos translates throughout their whole business, their offices are run by 100% solar energy, all formulas are biodegradable, the packaging recyclable, and even the ink used is made with non toxic vegetable oil.

100% Pure have just launched a fruit dyed make up line, which is utterly amazing and I’ve become slightly obsessed with! Their ‘Naked Glimmer’ Eye Creamstick is a particular favourite, and I really want to try their kelp and mint volumising shampoo…sounds interesting!



Free from gluten, preservatives and dyes, Eco Bella formulates its cosmetics and products around the belief that your makeup should be as healthy as your lifestyle, and as strong as you are. What a great philosophy!

Their founder, who describes herself as a upscale tree hugger, believes that ‘beauty marketing must be redirected from the banal, the false, the promoters and the insecure’ and she has certainly done that within her company at least. Eco Bella uses VitaminCells to make their power packed formulas, many of which are infused with flower wax, the same delicate coating that is used by nature to protect its petals from the elements.

We love their refillable compacts (what a great idea!) and FlowerColour Lipsticks.



Josie Maran, model and founder states that she believes in ‘walking softly on the earth carrying a big lipstick’, and we couldn’t agree more. The base for nearly all of Josie’s products is 100% organic Aragon oil. Known as a ‘world changer in a bottle’, it’s light enough to use as an everyday moisturiser, yet powerful enough to soothe the symptoms of aliments like acne and eczema. The company supports some amazing charities through their work and the products we buy, including Saving the Polar Bears, and The Model Citizen Campaign. You can see more here.


Their coconut watercolour liquid eye shadows are really fun to use, and their coconut watercolour lip stain will keep your pout moisturised all day. The colours and also really vibrant, perfect for Valentines Day, especially if you’ve got big lips like me.

I am constantly on the look out for new companies and amazing natural products. If you have one I need to know about do get in touch. I am also currently on the hunt for a natural deodorant if anybody has any ideas?

Images – 100% Pure, Ecco Bella, Josie Maran. Cover Image.


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