Hi, I’m Bethany, a flower girl,  garden lover, and blogger who is lucky enough to call the beautiful Wiltshire countryside home. These pages are filled with everything to do with the wonderful world of flora and fauna.

I believe that an existence enhanced by flowers can help you be happier, healthier, and lead a more beautiful lifestyle, as well as help you to be more green, eco friendly and sustainable.


I started writing about a year ago now, and have adored every minute of it. I turned to flowers during a time in my life that I found rather challenging. I had a little boy at 18, chose not to peruse a career in nursing, and  instead brought up my baby and finished my education from home. It was a very lonely time, but I found friends with the flowers. I discovered a beautiful world when mine was quite dark, and over the past year it has opened more doors than I could have possibly imagined, culminating in the belief that I have built both myself, and By Bethany around; that flowers can make all aspects of life better.

More than anything I want this blog to show you how amazing the world of flowers is, and how they can be youthful, unique, fresh, and innovative, with a trip to the flower market being like a trip to a sweet shop, the stunning specimens in front of you sparking off all those little grey cells in your head. This is an art form with flowers as the median, allowing you to create, push boundaries, and have a wonderful time along the way.


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