Feng Shui your Flowers

I’ve always adored learning about the language of flowers. The way that victorian gentlemen would send secret coded messages to their loves through the medium of the blooms they chose to use in the bouquet.  But I have, until recently, been completely unaware of the use of flowers in the practice of feng shui, within which they are believed to hold huge amounts of energy bringing healthy, clean, growing chi into your space. And its really interesting.

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I don’t pretend to understand feng shui fully, (or at all for that matter) but the practice states that ‘the deeper and more powerful of a connection you feel to certain flowers translates into lifting more energy’, which I feel makes perfect sense. You are encouraged within the practice to trust your intuition to guide you to place your arrangements into their proper bag corners within your space. They would also suggest that you display flowers that are fresh and full of life, dead flowers which are known to represent dead chi and can limit the flow of your space, chakras, and metal clarity. What better excuse to fill your home with fresh flowers all year round!

PEONIES – Everybody’s favourite summer flower. Pale pinks and yellows attract love while velvety deep reds and symbolise restoring a relationship.

NARCISSUS – Indigo and orange boost talents and abilities and career success/wealth chi. Gold and purple are particularly appropriate when moving into a new home, beginning a new undertaking or at the beginning of the New Year.

ROSE – Red for love, yellow for friendship, white for purity and pink for healing and new love.

MAGNOLIAS & LILIES  – White magnolias and lilies should be given to friends and family when they are unwell.

FLOWERING BRANCHES – White blossomed plum, cherry, cotton or peach branches represent overcoming obstacles and promote longevity.


Blooming Bread

Beautiful botanical designs and delicious hand baked bread – is there any better mix in the whole wide world?!

These mouthwatering images are the work of Michelle Eshkeri the creative mind behind craft bakery and pastry shop ‘Margo’s Bakery’, based in Finchly, and I have become completely obsessed by them.

Made by deftly slashing the dough with a sharp knife or by using fresh herbs and blooms as a stencil, these patterns are simple, but stunningly effective.

You can find the Margot Bakery on Instagram.

Or go straight to the source.

They have also just opened a brand new shop!